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Lectures & Workshops

History Repeated Antique Quilt Trunk Show and Lecture

Watch America’s quilt traditions unfold before your eyes as we travel back through 130 years of quilting history. Discover the truth about fabric color in nineteenth century quilts and learn simple ways to make your reproductions look authentic.

Children and Doll Quilt Presentation and Trunk Show

Step into the secret world of children and their dolls. Through antique and vintage quilts, trade advertising and images you will learn the important roll children held in the American household and the significance their tiny treasure still hold today.

Quilt Workshops

Chintz Medallion Swap or Not

8.5Working from the pattern designed by Zieber Quilts, together we will make an authentic reproduction chintz medallion quilt. Students can choose to swap (or not) 6 1/2” squares with other students and the teacher in order to create a truly scrappy look. Beginners through advanced quilters will love the flexibility of this pattern and the ease in which a secondary design can be added for a truly historic look.

Broken Star Medallion

8.5Working from the pattern designed by Zieber Quilts, students will make the stunning wall hanging from their favorite fabrics. Intermediate through advanced quilters will add their own flare to make their medallion wall hanging a real piece of art.

Trip Back In Time

The ease and versatility of this historic pattern will allows beginner through advanced quilters the opportunity to quickly create a small wall hanging or a king-sized quilt by simply changing the size of the cut strip. Color placement becomes the signature statement in this easy and fun project.

Historic Doll Quilts Done Right

8.5Using your left over scraps, unused blocks and tiny bits of your favorite fabrics, find new freedom in creating a truly historic looking treasure - the American Doll Quilt. Unleash your inner child and give up the restrictions of precision as you each make your own unique heirloom.

Specialty Workshops

Antique Quilt and Textile Dating Workshop

Perfect for friendship groups and new quilt study groups, this workshop is designed to help aspiring quilt history buffs hone their ability to more accurately date American quilts and textiles. Students will learn to accurately identify and date fabrics and quilt patterns, be provided with resources to help improve their skills and be challenged to test their knowledge.

Quilt Study Group Kick Starter for Small or Large Groups

Are you interested in quilt history? Let me show you and your like minded friends how to jumpstart your very own Quilt Study Group. I will give you the tools and resources you need start down the road of learning about America’s rich quilting and textile traditions.

Collections Management – Know what’s hidden in your closet.

Are you a collector of quilts or other treasures? Perhaps you have some family heirlooms that you need to protect! Do you really know what you have and how to find it? Let me show you the important benefits of properly managing and storing your collection. I can assist in your process or just get you started.