Libby Morgan and the Foundling Hospital.

Sundays with the Morgans Welcome to another excerpt from, Libby Morgan: Reunion and a bit of Foundling Hospital history. This week, I want to share with you a very special place in London, England called the Foundling Hospital – it is an integral part of my novel and the basis of the
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From The Novel . . .

Sundays with the Morgans: Selected readings from my new historical fiction novel, Libby Morgan: Reunion. I have decide to call these special posts “Sundays with the Morgans.”  My hope that you enjoy following along and you will find yourself inspired to read, learn about q
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Antique Quilt Cut To Pieces

It boggles the mind. . . One can only speculate the reasons why a beautiful quilt would end up all cut to pieces. I like to tell myself that the antique quilt was so far beyond restoration the dealer thought it better to sell off the individual blocks than the damaged quilt as a whole
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